Todoist + Nebo = Productivity Hack for List Bliss #EAHWPHack

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One could say I’m a fanatic about streamlining processes. For as long as I can recall I’ve used and recommended Todoist for task management.

Then I discovered Nebo. Nebo saves me time by allowing me to transfer my handwritten notes directly into Todoist. It was such a natural evolution to banish the paper notepads I previously hoarded and begin handwriting my notes and mind sweeps [GTD] into my iPad.

Cursive writing keeps my penmanship lovely, reduces my carbon footprint and household clutter, and it’s been proven to assist with memory retention, learning and language in ways that typing does not. 

The only problem was pulling the action items from my Nebo pages into Todoist. If there was only 1 item, it was as simple as selecting the text and copying it into Todoist. However, if there were 10 or 15 action items,  I’d have to cut and paste each task individually. My daily GTD mind sweeps became the bottleneck in my workflow. Until I came up with this hack.

When copying several lines of text or a list from Nebo into Todoist on my MacBook, I am met with a prompt that asks if I’d like to copy ✗ number of items individually; a prompt that is sadly absent from Todoist on my iPad and iPhone.

Now when I’m ready to move my action items into Todoist, I just select the text, click copy and paste it into Todoist on my MacBook.

Even better, all the tags and labels that I write are conveniently converted. That means I spend even less time editing each task individually with P2, 8 a.m., this weekend or whatever other Todoist tags, times, dates and labels I use.

Now that’s a very streamlined process and it’s been working for me for almost a year now.

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Sanity-Saving Tips for Nebo-to-Todoist Task Conversions

  • For priorities, handwrite LOWERCASE “P” and the number (p3). If you write a capital P, it won’t covert.
  • Putting *asterisks* around any word or phrase will italicize the enclosed content.
  • You do not have to convert Nebo handwriting into text before copying and pasting into Todoist.

BONUS: Handwriting dynamically engages widespread areas of both cerebral hemispheres. Virginia Berninger, a researcher and professor of educational psychology at the University of Washington, says that brain scans during handwriting show activation of massive regions of the brain involved in thinking, language, and working memory. For more information, click here to check out the Psychology Today article focused on these benefits.

Psst! This is the pen I prefer when I write with Nebo. The Logitech Crayon doesn’t roll away because it’s not cylindrical. How smart is that? Want it? Get it!