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Last August on a warm night, I went outside to have a smoke. It must have been after 11 p.m. I love my neighborhood. It’s generally quiet at night and I recognize most of my neighbors.

On this night, I noticed 2 men sitting on a bench talking, right beneath a streetlight across from the nearby Sears. As I walked by one motioned to me and I was about to keep walking but I was listening to Joel Osteen (no joke) and thought, what if that were me? The guy clearly wasn’t speaking English. Maybe they needed help.

I turned around and immediately noticed the man who was sitting on the bench had his penis out and was presenting it to me. Long story short, I made a lot of noise, had my cell phone on me so I recorded some video, tweeted it and was shook for a minute.

So today I realized I missed this month’s hashtag holiday #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth and it just happens that it perfectly aligns with the product I’m mentioning here today.

Right after that incident, I purchased a Munio self defense keychain. I love it and never leave home without it. Video below and link to get your own Munio self defense kubaton.

April is #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth ~ self defense is all year long. 🗣 #kubaton #munioselfdefense #womensselfdefense #munio

Munio Self Defense Kubaton

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December 5, 2021

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