Easiest Way to Clean Your Toilet

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iknow that for many, toilet cleaning is an afterthought; if a thought at all. I am one of those wonderfully weird people who enjoys housekeeping. 

But just because I enjoy cleaning and household chores doesn’t mean I enjoy the time it takes. If I can do something better, faster and easier, I’m all for it. I found a way to have hotel-clean toilets fast and easy when you have hard water.

This has GOT to be the easiest way to clean toilets!

Do You Have Hard Water?

Do you know if you have hard water or not? Well, if you live in New Jersey, chances are you have some of the hardest water in the country. That means your water is responsible for those spots on your dishes, mineral deposits on surfaces and…you got it, the inside of your toilet.

And you can scrub all you want. It does no good. Instead, try this quick and easy, hassle-free treatment I use to get my toilet sparkling with almost no elbow grease at all.

3 Easy Steps
  1. Flush the toilet so that the surface of the toilet is wet.
  2. Apply toilet paper below the rim of the toilet. It will adhere easily to the wet porcelain.
  3. Spray toilet paper with straight white vinegar and walk away.

Leave on for at least an hour or more. It’s best to do this on your way out the door so you come home to a clean commode. Simply flush the toilet paper. If there are any remnant spots left, a quick swish with your toilet brush will remove it .

That’s it. To help with future buildup, you can use drop-in type cleaners which tend to work better than the types that hang inside the toilet.

Stay away from colors, which have gone beyond blue now to include purple and green. You’ll never find colored toilet water in any of the finest establishments and hotels.

The sign of a clean toilet is simply a clean toilet.

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January 20, 2022

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