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About Me

While you won't see me everywhere you turn, you've likely been influenced to make a purchase based on one of my everyday reviews on things you buy all the time. Like juice, clothes, furniture, sheets, apps and...well, you get it.

This site houses the growing body of reviews I've contributed to trusted sites across the worldwide web, such as Trustpilot, Sitejabber, Google and, of course, Amazon.

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My Achievements and Goals

While I already have contributed over 225 reviews on the Amazon platform alone, I have these other goals in mind.

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Who is Patricia Nixon?

"Who am I?" Try to answer that question for yourself, in 1 succinct sentence that sums up who you really are, completely. Hard to do, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve broken this page up into sections. I am all of these things and more.


Short Story

Near the beginning of the pandemic, my social media marketing community manager position had been eliminated. I needed an outlet. I marched over to the Hackensack County Clerk’s Office and submitted an application for the business Everything at Home With Patricia and received my certificate.

Aha Moment

One afternoon while planning my social media feed, I discovered I’d been banned from Twitter for what I thought was clearly a friendly dialogue with someone about a show we were both watching. The phrase “hunt and kill you” are clearly triggers for Twitter and there went my feed.
I was less concerned about what I could communicate than what I was missing from the bipolar community I’d come to enjoy sharing with and learning from.

I learned quickly that when your entire communication hinges on a platform you do not own, your voice can be squelched. I have no control over how fast or if my social media accounts will be unblocked. I decided my primary platform for communication would be my own website.

Of course I will continue to communicate and share across social media platforms and the web at large, but all roads lead back to this site.

Who I Serve

I serve people just like me. The everyday layperson who has a budget, looks for ways to save money by buying for quality, not trends, and who considers frugality a lifestyle; not something to do temporarily while achieving a goal. Unlike those glitzy sites that feature photos of newly-unboxed items not even tried long enough to give an opinion, you’ll often find photos here of products more than a year old. That’s because I’ve used them and they’ve lasted. That’s a bargain. If you’re looking for content that will help you save money on everyday items and ones that will lengthen the life of what you already own, you’re in the right place!

On Being Adopted

For the last 3 decades or so, I was convinced that I had been stolen from my birth mother and raised by the woman I called Mom. In my late teens she’d confessed to me that she had not given birth to me and that my mother, a woman she’d known, had just given me to my father and her. I didn’t press for details at that time. I thought there’d always be more time to discuss it. All I wanted was my birth certificate so I could attain my driver’s license. This adoption talk was for the birds. It wasn’t important to me, and I could tell that relieved Mom. She was concerned that by telling me I was not her biological child, I would go off on a search for my real mother. I didn’t. For one, I couldn’t afford to. Secondly, even if I could have, what would I say to the mother I didn’t know who clearly wasn’t looking for me?

I left it alone.

But I did meet my birth mother, 5 decades after my birth. That’s when I discovered (before being diagnosed) that mental health disorders run in the family. That was a turning point for me, of sorts.

More about that later.


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