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Clothes Shaver

I’ve had cheaper clothes shavers over the years and didn’t think much of it, really. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I started thinking about keeping what I already have

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Monogrammed Note Cards

I enjoy monogrammed cards. They add a touch of elegance to a friendly note. I keep these cards especially when I want to leave a little note for a neighbor.

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Vremi Ice Maker

I just hate filling ice trays. I do. I can’t even blame someone else when I forget to fill it then go to get ice and have not one single

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African Violet Soil

How smart! For the urban apartment gardener like myself, having to buy huge bags of soil to repot 1 or 2 plants has always been a pain. For years I’ve

Portable Bonnet Hair Dryer

This Andis bonnet hair dryer is just what I was looking for. It’s just what I need for conditioning and setting my hair, when I take the time to do

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Moderna Artisan Glasses

I’m giving these Moderna Artisan glasses 5 stars because I love that I now have 1 glass in my apartment for everything. I use these for coffee, tea, ice cream,

Window Privacy Film

Love natural light but need privacy? Self-stick window privacy film or spray frosting are inexpensive solutions.

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Grout Whitener

I admit, the pen is easy to use and is thick enough to really cover. However, my bathroom is TINY. See pic. And I didn’t even get all the way

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Jam Paper Plastic Envelopes

I’m pretty organized and I’m living an almost-paper-free life. But for the few items I absolutely have to keep, these JAM Paper Plastic envelopes do the trick. Keeps my taxes,

Fleiks Dining Chairs

Love the look of beaded furniture but hate the price tag? These lovely Fleiks dining chairs are comfortable, well-priced and sturdy.

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Amazon Basics Cross Cut Shredder

This Amazon Basics Cross Cut Shredder is a powerhouse of a little machine! Coming in at less than $65, it’s perfect for home or home office use. Upon opening the

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