Paula’s Soul Food

When Paula’s first opened and I heard the rave reviews, I had to check them out myself. The first few orders were ok. The oxtails are made the way my

ALDI Hackensack NJ

The prices at ALDI Hackensack NJ are unbeatable and the veggies and fruit are the freshest!

US Beauty Supply

When I got medical glue stuck in my hair, I called US Beauty Supply in tears! They saved my hair that day!

99 Ranch Market

The people at 99 Ranch Market are some of the friendliest and most helpful in the neighborhood!

Straight Nappy

If you’re looking to make a hair APPOINTMENT, you won’t be able to do that at Straight Nappy. I tried!

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Divine Hair Care

Incredible service! I was trying desperately to make an appt at Straight Nappy but when that didn’t work out I easily made an appt with Divine Hair. What a blessing!

I'm reviewing food stores shops weed everything in the neighborhood! 😋