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Vintage Windproof Ashtray

Clearly I am not advocating smoking, but if you are a lady who does happen to smoke this vintage style windproof ashtray is my favorite. You know how you go

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Amber Glass Spray Bottles

Yes, yes and yes again! I love amber bottles. They have that old apothecary feel to them. I bought these particularly for a rosewater and glycerin spray I use. It’s

Hbada Desk Chair

A smooth-rolling desk chair with arms that conveniently flip out the way. Style fit for home living.

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Compression Gloves

I ordered these compression gloves in the medium size after measuring my hand as guided. When I got them I immediately thought I should have ordered the smaller size for

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Homde Heated Blanket

I’m writing this review right now however I’m going to come back and edit it. I will give you more detail. However, the things that has immediately made me fall

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Bathing Stool

November 2, 2019I saw this and had to have it. Was looking for a seat to shave, scrub or whatever, but didn’t want it to look like a hospital or


It was really weird how I came across Hairbrella! I really wasn’t looking for anything more than a rain bonnet that I can tuck into my bag for those unexpected

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Clothes Shaver

I’ve had cheaper clothes shavers over the years and didn’t think much of it, really. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I started thinking about keeping what I already have

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Monogrammed Note Cards

I enjoy monogrammed cards. They add a touch of elegance to a friendly note. I keep these cards especially when I want to leave a little note for a neighbor.

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Vremi Ice Maker

I just hate filling ice trays. I do. I can’t even blame someone else when I forget to fill it then go to get ice and have not one single

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African Violet Soil

How smart! For the urban apartment gardener like myself, having to buy huge bags of soil to repot 1 or 2 plants has always been a pain. For years I’ve